Conferences in United Kingdom

January 2020

28th Natural & Sustainable Consumer Trends Conference,London, United Kingdom

29th The Digital Pharma Advances Conference,London, United Kingdom

February 2020

6th The Corporate Communications Conference ,London, United Kingdom

8th International Conference on Oral History,London, United Kingdom

8th International Conference on Film Studies  "(De)Constructing Narrative Identities",London, United Kingdom

9th Film Studies Workshop  The Double in Cinema,London, United Kingdom

11th 2020 9th International Conference on Industrial Technology and Management (ICITM 2020),Oxford, United Kingdom

11th 2020 9th International Conference on Educational and Information Technology (ICEIT 2020),Oxford, United Kingdom

15th "Fashion, Body and Culture" International Conference,London, United Kingdom

15th Spatiality and Temporality "Time, Space and Culture" International Conference ,Oxford, United Kingdom

17th Annual Congress on Pediatric and Neonatal  Nursing 2020,Ystalyfera, United Kingdom

20th International Conference on Chemistry,Lyonshall, United Kingdom

22nd "The Aesthetics of Decay  Creative Modes of Destruction" International Conference,Oxford, United Kingdom

22nd International Conference "Migrating World  Interdisciplinary Approaches to Migration and Integration",Oxford, United Kingdom

24th Gender Studies Winter School,London, United Kingdom

24th 3rd International Conference on Cardiology and Heart Diseases,Lancing, United Kingdom

25th Operational Excellence Conference,London, United Kingdom

26th 3rd International Conference on Materials Physics and Materials Science,Bridge, United Kingdom

26th Neonatology 2020 ,Llechryd, United Kingdom

29th International Conference on Gender Studies  “Gender Narratives”,London, United Kingdom

March 2020

2nd 16th Global Summit on Hematology and Blood Disorders,London, United Kingdom

2nd 6th International Conference on Advances in Chemical Engineering & Technology,Ystalyfera, United Kingdom

2nd Annual Dentistry and Dental Sciences Congress,Edinburgh, United Kingdom

2nd World Congress on Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery,Edinburgh, United Kingdom

2nd 28th Euro Dentistry Congress,Edinburgh, United Kingdom

4th International Conference on Registered Nurses and Emergency Nursing,Ystalyfera, United Kingdom

4th 3rd International Conference and Exhibition on Pharmaceutics and Advanced Drug Delivery systems,Edinburgh, United Kingdom

4th International Conference on Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism,Hawarden, United Kingdom

4th 17th International Conference on Oncology Nursing and Cancer Care,Edinburgh, United Kingdom

5th Excellence in Business Continuity Planning & Disaster Recovery,London, United Kingdom

8th 2nd International Interdisciplinary Conference on Gender Studies and the Status of Women,Edinburgh, United Kingdom

9th 8th Edition of International Conference on Pharmacognosy and Medicinal Plants,Wishaw, United Kingdom

12th European SME Banking Forum,London, United Kingdom

14th Illumination  Perspectives on the Way of Light,London, United Kingdom

14th International Conference on Medical Humanities,Oxford, United Kingdom

16th International Conference on Applied Physics and Engineering (ICAPE),Ystalyfera, United Kingdom

17th Fundamentals of IEC 61850 2020,London, United Kingdom

17th Hotel Marketing Conference,London, United Kingdom

17th Hotel Marketing Conference,London, United Kingdom

18th 9th Edition of International Conference on Internal Medicine & Patient Care,London, United Kingdom

19th 2020 3rd International Conference on Information Science and Systems (ICISS 2020),Cambridge, United Kingdom

19th 2020 Communication Technologies and Cloud Computing Conference (CTCCC 2020),Cambridge, United Kingdom

21st "Faces of War" International Conference,London, United Kingdom

23rd Frontiers in Spectrometry and Analytical Chemistry,Long Melford, United Kingdom

23rd Cardiologists2020,Ystalyfera, United Kingdom

23rd Microbiology 2020,London, United Kingdom

23rd Infectious diseases ,London, United Kingdom

23rd World Conference on Psychiatry and Mental Health,London, United Kingdom

23rd Cardiology 2020,London, United Kingdom

23rd 5th Edition of International Conference and Exhibition on Polymer Chemistry,London, United Kingdom