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Short Course on Fatigue Fracture Analysis

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Place : United Kingdom, Hampshire

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Contact Person:Jane Chantler


This course is designed to build participants’ background from basics to the advanced level of fatigue fracture analysis. It will cover practical-analytical aspects of fatigue failure and fracture mechanics for engineering components and structures subjected to various cyclic loading conditions. Typical fatigue problems are analyzed and methods of solution are discussed. Topics covered include: fundamental concepts of fracture mechanics and fatigue damage in materials, fatigue fracture analysis of cyclically loaded components, practical application, the stress intensity factor, fatigue and fracture data analysis, fatigue crack initiation and growth of engineering components subjected to the uniaxial and multiaxial fatigue loading conditions, fatigue damage theories, and cyclic plasticity and ratcheting response of materials. This course can either be taken over a three-day period (29-31 August 2023) for those who need to learn the fundamentals of fatigue fracture or a two-day period (30-31 August 2023) for participants who already have a knowledge of fatigue fracture. Target audience Students who need to learn the fundamentals of fatigue fracture, as well as engineers practicing in various disciplines including automobile, aerospace, pipeline and petroleum industries with a focus on stress analysis and failure of engineering components, can benefit this short course.

Short Course on Fatigue Fracture Analysis will be held in Hampshire,United Kingdom on date 2024-08-28

Deadline for abstracts/proposals : 1st July 2024

Organized By :Wessex Institute

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Venue :Presented by Dr Ahmad Varvani-Farahani, Toronto Metropolitan University, Canada ONLINE

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Short Course on Fatigue Fracture Analysis

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