Conferences in United States

March 2019

20th 19th Global Chemistry Conference,New York City, United States

20th 4th International Conference on Food Microbiology and Food Market,Jamaica, United States

20th Export Certificate for Medical Devices - Out Your Competition!,Fremont, United States

20th Device Changes, FDA Changes, and the 510(k)-2019,Fremont, United States

20th SharePoint Site Owner – Setting Up and Managing Your SharePoint Site,Aurora, United States

20th Live Webinar on Is Your Glass Half-Full or Half-Empty? Turning Negativity into Positivity,Aurora, United States

20th Live Webinar on Employment-at-Will ! Does It Protect Employers from Wrongful Termination Allegations ?,Aurora, United States

20th Live Webinar on Using Behavior Based Interviewing to Select the Right Candidate,Aurora, United States

21st Developing an Effective Onboarding Program,Fremont, United States

21st Live Webinar on Website Hot Issues  The Next Disability Law Litigation Hotspot,Aurora, United States

21st Live Webinar on Harassment, Bullying, Gossip, Confrontational and Disruptive Behavior   A Manager’s Guide on How to Detox and Neutralize a Negative Workplace,Aurora, United States

21st Live Webinar on Changing Behavior   Why Rewards and Punishments Often Aren’t Enough,Aurora, United States

21st Webinar on Neutralizing a Negative Workplace  master the techniques,Aurora, United States

22nd Contingency and Disaster Recovery Plan - Not What you Think,Fremont, United States

22nd Why Medication is Usually Contraindicated in the Treatment of Panic  What is 90% Effective,Fremont, United States

23rd Its Possible Worldwide 2019,New Orleans, United States

25th 13th Annual Primary Care Spring Conference Session I,Palm Coast, United States

26th Automating Calculations in Microsoft Excel  Logic Theory and IF Functions,Aurora, United States

26th Sponsors at Workplace are Game Changers  How to Attract and Keep a Sponsor in Your Workplace and Make the Best Out of It,Aurora, United States

26th Live Webinar on FDA Inspection Preparation Guide  Handling 483s and Warning Letters,Aurora, United States

26th Applied Statistics, with Emphasis on Verification, Validation, and Risk Management, in R&D, Manufacturing, and QA/QC,Houston, United States

27th SAM International Management Conference 2019,Orlando, United States

27th Live Webinar on New Tax Reform Act of 2018 Explained  Major Tax Changes You Need to Know About for 2019 Filing,Aurora, United States

27th Live Webinar on Issues in Calibrations and Accuracy in Method Validation,Aurora, United States

27th Advanced Coaching Techniques for Supervisors and Managers  Optimizing Your Efforts to Get the Best Results,Aurora, United States

27th Live Webinar on The Influential Leader - 10 Techniques to Influence Your Team Members and Get Stuff Done,Aurora, United States

27th Webinar on Advanced Coaching Techniques for Supervisors and Managers 2019,Aurora, United States

28th 30th Annual American Dentistry Congress ,Orlando, United States

28th Accountability as a Goal at Work   Fostering the Ownership Mindset,Aurora, United States

28th Fostering accountability in workplace  practical tips for managers in 2019,Aurora, United States

29th Cardiac Arrhythmias ,Minneapolis, United States

30th Annual Updates in Neurosciences for Primary Care,Rochester, United States

April 2019

1st 13th Annual Primary Care Spring Conference Session II,, United States

1st Explores New SAMHSA Confidentiality Law for Substance Use Disorder Records(42 CFR Part 2),Fremont, United States

1st Compliance with the New ICH GCP Revision 2 Addendum,Fremont, United States

1st Understanding and Implementing a Technology Transfer Process,Fremont, United States

2nd HIPAA and Ransomware  Protect Against Attacks and Violation Penalties,Fremont, United States

2nd Strengthening Employee Ethical Behavior for HIPAA Compliance,Fremont, United States

2nd Live Webinar on Managing Older Workers  Understanding the Power Dynamics and Generational Differences,Aurora, United States

2nd Sexual Harassment, Discrimination, Bullying and Abuse  How to Avoid Inappropriate Workplace Behaviors,Aurora, United States

2nd Use Microsoft Outlook to Its Fullest Extent  Tips, Techniques and Best Practices. It’s Money in Your Pocket!,Aurora, United States

2nd Handling a Chaotic Work Environment  How to Prioritize Work and Make Good Decisions Under Pressure,Aurora, United States

3rd 7 Behaviors of Great Leaders,Fremont, United States

3rd New EEOC Report  Workplace Harassment Prevention Not Working-Harassment Continues to be a Problem,Fremont, United States

3rd Audit Trail Generation and Review 2019,Fremont, United States

3rd Supply Chain Traceability is Going Digital [What You Can Do to Prepare],Fremont, United States

3rd Test Automation and Digital QA Summit 2019 - Boston,Boston, United States

3rd Top 50 Microsoft Excel Hacks  Powerful Tips for Power Users,Aurora, United States

3rd Acting on Your Employee Engagement Survey Results  Strategies and Techniques to Follow-Through on Goals,Aurora, United States

4th How to Avoid Hiring Victims, Liars, Bullies, and Saboteurs,Fremont, United States