Conferences in United States

September 2020

1st The Two Most Powerful Root Cause Analysis Tools and How to Use Them,Fremont, United States

1st Email Management Simplified  Top Techniques to Work More Efficiently with Microsoft Outlook,Aurora, United States

1st How to Cultivate Employee Accountability  A Refined Approach to Performance Management,Aurora, United States

1st How to Deal with Toxic People – Techniques to Protect Your Energy and Organizational Culture,Aurora, United States

1st Success from Anywhere - Tips, Techniques and Tools for Working from Home Effectively,Aurora, United States

2nd The Human Error Tool Box  A Practical Approach to Human Error,Fremont, United States

2nd Excel  Useful Formulas,Fremont, United States

2nd Ending Harassment, Gossip, and Disruptive Behavior  Going Forward to a Safe and Supportive ‘New Normal’ Workplace Environment,Aurora, United States

2nd Creating a Strategic Plan that Addresses Your Organization’s Most Critical Issues,Aurora, United States

3rd Developing a World Class IA function,Fremont, United States

3rd Successful Project Management,Fremont, United States

3rd The Families First Coronavirus Response Act  How It Expands Family And Medical Leave Rights,Fillmore, United States

3rd The Essential Elements of Effective Coaching  How to Boost Employee Performance and Growth in 2020,Aurora, United States

3rd Create Effective Data Visualization in Excel (Hands-On)  Tools and Techniques to Improve Your Skillset,Aurora, United States

3rd Employee Handbooks  Key Issues and Workplace Policies to Consider Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic,Aurora, United States

8th Design History Files (DHF), Device Master Records (DMR), Device History Records (DHR), Technical Documentation Files - The US FDA and EU MDR Requirements,Fremont, United States

8th Virtual Teams  Managing People Effectively at Multiple Locations,Aurora, United States

8th Resilience Training  Simple and Effective Life Strategies to Manage Stress in the Changing Workplace,Aurora, United States

8th How to Make the Right Workplace Decisions that Impact Employees’ Employment, Finances, and Emotional Wellbeing Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic  A Guide for Leaders and HR Professionals,Aurora, United States

8th Ultimate Business Intelligence and Automation with Excel  5-Hour Virtual Seminar,Aurora, United States

9th Increase Remote Employee Engagement  Understanding the Attributes and Requirements of Your Team,Aurora, United States

9th Food Supplier Auditing  A Four-Part Plan,Fremont, United States

10th Project Management Essentials  Planning, Executing, Completing!,Fremont, United States

10th Conduct Robust and Aligned Employee Performance Reviews/Evaluations that Create Loyalty,Fremont, United States

10th Managing Safety, Regulations and Issues Related to COVID-19  Practical Guidance for Employers and HR,Aurora, United States

14th International Conference on STD Prevention,Nevada, United States

15th Strategies to Establish and Maintain a Secure Supply Chain,Aurora, United States

15th Effectively Handle Toxic People for Better Productivity and Less Drama in 2020,Aurora, United States

15th Using Microsoft Excel Pivot Tables to Easily Summarize and Analyze Data,Aurora, United States

16th 4th International Cancer Conference And Expo,Baltimore, United States

16th 2rd International Cardiology Conference and Expo,Baltimore, United States

18th World Biosimilars and Biologics Summit 2020,New York City, United States

18th World Biosimilars and Biologics Summit 2020,New York, United States

25th 2020 2nd International Conference on Trends in Mechanical and Aerospace (TMAE 2020),Washington, United States

25th 2020 7th International Conference on Mechanical, Materials and Manufacturing (ICMMM 2020),Washington, United States

29th Alternative & Renewable Energy Quest in Architecture and Urbanism (AREQ) – 3rd Edition,East Camden, United States

30th Performing the world 2020,New York City, United States