Conferences in United States

July 2019

1st 27th Annual Primary Care Summer Conference Session II,Charleston, United States

2nd Project planning Project risk management Project information and communication Managing interdisciplinary projects,Fremont, United States

2nd Preparing for an FDA Inspection - What you Need to Know,Fremont, United States

2nd Developing An Environmental Monitoring Program,Fremont, United States

3rd Form I-9 Update,Fremont, United States

5th 8th International Conference on Advanced Mass spectrometry and Chromatography,Columbus, United States

5th Hackathon | Draper University,San Mateo, United States

8th 10 Annual Essentials in Primary Care Summer Conference,Palm Coast, United States

8th 2nd Global Summit on Metabolomics,Las Vegas, United States

8th Lessons from OCR Audits - Risk Analysis Explained Step-by-Step,Fremont, United States

8th Learn to Sort, Prioritize and Get Work done Right in your Inbox,Fremont, United States

8th Onboarding a Multi Generation Workforce,Fremont, United States

8th 4 Key Steps to Manage Difficult Team Members  Eliminating the Obstacles to Success,Aurora, United States

9th What Employers Need to Know About Severance Arrangements - EEOC, ACA and ERISA,Fremont, United States

9th Project Management -Performance Excellence,Fremont, United States

9th Pharmaceutical Contamination of Food  Ensuring Food Safety and Complying with the Law,Aurora, United States

9th Email Management in Microsoft Outlook  Tips to Gain More Control Over Your Inbox,Aurora, United States

9th The Effective Manager’s Critical Skills Boot Camp  Strategic Leadership, Time Management, Chaos Control, Effective Decision Making, Communication Skills and More!,Aurora, United States

9th Virtual Team Management  Understanding the Contracts, Legal Mandates and Managerial Viewpoints,Aurora, United States

10th Find out how to relate your office's activities to the regulations Learn what are the ways you can share information under HIPAA, and the ways you may not Find out about HIPAA requirements for access and patient preferences, as well as the requirements to protect PHI Learn how to use an information security management process to evaluate risks and make decisions about how best to protect PHI and meet patient needs and desires Find out what policies and procedures you should have in place for dealing with e- mail and texting, as well as any new technology Learn about the training and education that must take place to ensure your staff uses e- mail and texting properly and does not risk exposure of PHI Find out the steps that must be followed in the event of a breach of PHI Learn about how the HIPAA audit and enforcement activities are now being increased and what you need to do to survive a HIPAA audit,Fremont, United States

10th Project Management Essentials  The 8 Keys To Bring Every Project In On Time and On Budget,Fremont, United States

10th TIN Solicitation Best Practices,Fremont, United States

10th 5 Natural Ways to Reduce Anxiety to Improve Performance at Work,Fremont, United States

10th How to Conduct a Human Factors - ISO 62366 and the 2016 FDA Guidance,Fremont, United States

10th The Stress Doc’s Four Faces of Anger – Model & Method  Master the Skills for Anger Management and Collaborative Problem Solving,Aurora, United States

11th 3rd International Conference & Expo on Green Chemistry and Engineering,Alamo, United States

11th 2nd World Conference on Analytical & Chemistry,Las Vegas, United States

11th 4th International Conference on Biopolymers & Polymer Chemistry,Las Vegas, United States

11th 3rd International Conference & Expo on Green Chemistry and Engineering ,Las Vegas, United States

11th Travel and Expense Policy Development and Automation,Fremont, United States

11th Surviving an Emotionally Toxic Workplace,Fremont, United States

11th 3 Hour Excel Automation Boot Camp  Sort and Filter Tools, Conditional Formatting, Data Validation and Visualizing Excel with Smart-Art and Charts,Aurora, United States

11th Payroll Tax Issues for Multi-State Businesses  Fundamentals and Best Practices for Handling Multi-State Employees in 2019,Aurora, United States

11th Transportation Procedures to Control Food Safety and Quality,Fremont, United States

11th FDA's New Enforcement of 21 CFR Part 11,Fremont, United States

11th OSHA's Final Rule  Worker Exposure to Respirable Crystalline Silica,Fremont, United States

11th Introduction to Sales and Use Taxation,Fremont, United States

11th All About Civility - Eliminating a Culture of Gossip, Rumors and Destructive Behavior  Whatever Happened to Respect?,Aurora, United States

12th How to Conduct Effective Meetings,Fremont, United States

12th Managing and Engaging Remote Employees/Virtual Teams/Telecommuting  How to Keep Teams Connected from Afar,Aurora, United States

12th GDP to Support FDA Computer System Validation,Fremont, United States

12th Updated CE Marking Process & ISO 13485 2016 Expectations,Fremont, United States

15th Pediatrics Health 2019,New York City, United States

15th world Diabetes Congress 2019,Mississippi, United States

15th The 10 Step HIPAA Compliance Review - How to Ensure your Compliance is Up to Date,Fremont, United States

15th Handling Sensitive Dress Code Issues without Getting Sued,Fremont, United States

16th Excellence, Innovation, & Creativity in Basic-Higher Education & Psychology,Houston, United States

16th Best Online VLSI Training – USA, Australia, Canada, UK,Anton Chico, United States

16th Employee Engagement that Works,Fremont, United States

16th 3-Hour Virtual Seminar on FDA Imports Require Precision in 2019,Fremont, United States

16th Best in Class Hiring Practices (Top 3 Strategies)  Recruiting the Perfect Fit and Avoiding Bad Hires,Aurora, United States

16th 3-Hour People Intelligence Boot Camp  Successfully Dealing with Difficult Co-workers, Peers and Even Bosses,Aurora, United States

17th Vaccines and Immunology Meeting,Henderson, United States

17th Nursing Care Forum,East Camden, United States

17th Guidance for Lubricants in Food Applications,Fremont, United States

17th Management & Supervision – Techniques Every Manager Should Embrace,Aurora, United States

17th 4 Steps to Reduce Team Conflict & Improve Team Cohesion Using DISC Assessment,Aurora, United States

17th Human Error Reduction Techniques for Floor Supervisors,Aurora, United States

17th Harassment, Discrimination and Bullying in the Workplace  Prevention Techniques and Climate Update for 2020 and Beyond,Aurora, United States

18th 4th International Sustainable Buildings Symposium (ISBS2019),Dallas, United States

18th Electronic Payment Fraud Prevention Best Practices,Fremont, United States

18th Emotional Intelligence (EQ)  Why It’s More Important for Your Success Than IQ,Aurora, United States

18th Excel as a Business Intelligence Tool – Pivot Tables and Charts,Aurora, United States

19th Neuro-Oncology and Brain Tumor,Clyde, United States

19th World Biopreservation and Biobanking summit 2019,New York City, United States

19th World Biopreservation and Biobanking summit 2019,New York City, United States

22nd HIPAA, 42 CFR Part 2, and FERPA - Rules for Managing Student Health Information,Fremont, United States

22nd The Top 10 Strategies for Managing and Minimizing Interruptions in the Workplace,Aurora, United States

23rd Understanding the Most Common Violations of Law against Psychologists,Fremont, United States

23rd Moving From an Operational Manager to a Strategic Leader,Fremont, United States

23rd Dietary Supplements CGMPS - 21 CFR 111 Compliance,Fremont, United States

23rd Step-By-Step Instructions for Ensuring Data Integrity,Fremont, United States

24th Understanding the D.I.S.C. Personality Assessment and How It Can Improve Communication In Your Organization,Aurora, United States

24th Building a Governance Model for Human and Machine Knowledge,Aurora, United States

25th 4th EuroSciCon Conference on Gynecologic Oncology and Reproductive Disorders,Philadelphia, United States

25th 2 Hour Bootcamp on Preventing Harassment, Bullying, Gossip, Confrontational and Disruptive Behavior  A Manager’s Guide on How to Detox and Neutralize a Negative Workplace,Aurora, United States

25th Conducting a Workplace Harassment Investigation  Techniques to Determine Facts and Minimize Liability (2-Hour Boot Camp),Aurora, United States

29th International Conference on Dental Research & Dental Treatments,Dallas, United States

29th 31st International Conference & Exhibition on Dental Medicine & Dentistry,Chicago, United States

29th 6th International Conference on Glycobiology, Lipids & Metabolic Disorders,Chicago, United States

29th International Conference on Dental Research & Dental Treatments,Chicago, United States

30th Physician Employment Agreements  Items to Consider,Fremont, United States

31st 2nd Annual Biotechnology Congress,Chicago, United States

31st 27th Annual Congress on Cardiology and Medical Interventions ,Chicago, United States