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Biodiversity and Environment 2019

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Place : United Arab Emirates, Dubai

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Contact Person:JITHENDAR


Biodiversity is a collective term which means the variety of life on Earth. Biodiversity includes genetic diversity within species, the variety among species, and the range of ecosystems within which life exists and interacts. The term “biodiversity” is a contraction of “biological diversity” first used in 1986. More formally, biodiversity comprises several levels, starting with genes, then individual species, then communities of creatures and finally entire ecosystems, like forests or coral reefs, where life interplays with the physical environment.

Biodiversity and Environment 2019 will be held in Dubai,United Arab Emirates on date 2019-09-12

Deadline for abstracts/proposals : 10th August 2019

Organized By :Lexis

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Conference Highlights :Biodiversity and Nature Conservation, Biodiversity of Wild Life Ecosystem Services, Threats to Biodiversity Ecosystems, Global Biodiversity Strategies Targets, Economic Importance of Biodiversity, Biodiversity for Nutrition and Health, Global Warming its Consequences, Environmental Pollution Protection, Recycling Waste Management, Marine Biodiversity, Atmospheric Biodiversity, Environmental Health and Medicine, Sustainable agriculture and Natural resource management, Natural Hazards and Disaster

Venue :Dubai - United Arab Emirates

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