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7th International Conference on 'Spirituality beyond Repertoire: A Leadership Key to Societal Happiness and Sustained Harmony'

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Place : India, Varanasi

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Contact Person:Dr. Pallavi Pathak


The 7th International Conference on 'Spirituality beyond Repertoire: A Leadership Key to Societal Happiness and Sustained Harmony' is a cerebral endeavor of School of Management Sciences, Varanasi to bring together notable academicians, researchers and knowledge seekers to explore the esoteric nature of spirituality, exchange their experiences of spiritual happiness and engage in eloquent dialogue on creating and sustaining spiritual harmony at individual and societal levels. Being organized in the spiritual capital of the world - Kashi, the conference also aims at providing a premier interdisciplinary colloquy for educators, practitioners and researchers to present and pursue their perspectives about the various connotations and applications of spirituality, happiness and harmony. Papers belonging to, but not restricted to following sub-themes are invited: Track-1: Leadership and Spirituality Leadership development through Spiritual and philosophical approach Sustainable and holistic model of Happiness, harmony and well-being. Leadership & organizational happiness and harmony Spiritual empowerment , women and leadership Spirituality and leadership effectiveness Maximizing the Triple Bottom Line through Spiritual Leadership Spirituality beyond repertoire Self-leadership for peace and harmony Developing and Demonstrating Spiritual Leadership Leadership thoughts in Ancient Literature Mindful leadership: Harmony of eastern and western perceptions of leader Role of Spiritual Leaders in creating a happy organization Track-2: Culture of Spirituality& Happiness at Workplace Workplace Spirituality Spirituality for work efficiency and decision making Spirituality for work life balance and employee well-being Overcoming Stress at Workplace: Spirituality helps Dimensions of happiness for women at workplace Role of happiness in building a meaningful life and quality of work life The happiness quotient of job Happy organizations, positive organizational interventions Organizational culture and happiness Track-3: Happiness & Harmony: The Boulevard to Personal & Societal Well Being Behavioral and physiological indicators of happiness Subjective wellbeing: The path to happiness Women as source and pivot of happiness in families Structural inequalities that limit happiness Human development and happiness Self-Compassion: The key to happiness Happiness as the consonance between internal and external harmony Harmony with nature: Avoiding conflicts, creating conducive eco-systems and developing environmental consciousness Happiness economics Psychologyof happiness: Neuroscience based wellbeing measures Contemporary perspectives on societal happiness and harmony Track-4: Spiritual Happiness: Discovering a World Within The ontology of spiritual happiness Synergistic blending of happiness and harmony with spirituality Spiritual well-being for improving health, happiness and harmony Spirituality for common man Spirituality in practice Crisis prevention & spirituality Emotional Health: spiritual health; spiritual quotient Role of spirituality in dealing with the dark side of life Track-5:The Diverse Connotations of Happiness Cultural forces that shape attitudes toward happiness Social Progress, Social Capital Metrics of Societal happiness Measurement of happiness in different cultural context Happiness in traditional media (TV, film, theatre, print), social media and the Internet Happiness in literature, arts and popular culture Capturing wisdom from religion and philosophy Law, public policy and happiness Economic and social initiatives to enhance well being Inter-disciplinary approaches of professional disciplines for solving human problems Developing technologies for human welfare Sustainability of spirituality in the world of technology, robots and artificial intelligence Track-6: Spiritual & Ethical Values: The Sustainability Paradigm of Business Spirituality and sustainability of business environment Spiritual perspective of Capitalism and Consumerism Reinventing Business Ethics through spirituality Global Organizational and professional ethics Harmonious co-existence of materialism and spiritualism Spirituality and human values Happiness and Wellbeing in Education Value based higher education Track-7: Global Heritage of Happiness & Harmony The Narratives of Happiness: Early eastern ideologies Wisdom from West: Postmodern notions of spirituality Indian spiritual foundations

7th International Conference on 'Spirituality beyond Repertoire: A Leadership Key to Societal Happiness and Sustained Harmony' will be held in Varanasi,India on date 2019-02-24

Deadline for abstracts/proposals : 15th September 2018

Organized By :School of Management Sciences, Varanasi

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Conference Highlights :Publication in Edited Book/ Journals: Selected papers will be published in the form of book bearing ISBN No. Few other selected papers will be published in any of four reputed national journals of SMS,Varanasi bearing ISSN namely, Management Insight (indexed on the OJAS platform of UGC’s INFLIBNET apart from Crossref), Purushartha (indexed on the SCOPUS, ELSEVIER, OJAS platform of UGC’s INFLIBNET) , SMS Journal of Entrepreneurship & Innovations (indexed on Crossref) and Computing Trend

Venue :School of Management Sciences, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India

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