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The 19th bi-annual International Virtual Conference on "Discrimination, Bias, and Repudiation"

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Place : Romania, Constanta

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"It is not our differences that divide us. It is our inability to recognize, accept, and celebrate those differences." - Audre Lorde CFP: The 19th bi-annual International Virtual Conference is pleased to present the theme of this May’s conference: "Discrimination, Bias, and Repudiation" Venue: Online (Join us at Dates: May 20-28, 2024 Welcome to a pivotal gathering of minds and voices, a conference that aims to challenge, inspire, and transform our understanding of "Discrimination, Bias, and Repudiation". Hosted in a dynamic online space, this event brings together a spectrum of scholars, activists, and thought leaders from around the globe. Our mission? To delve into the complex layers of societal discrimination and bias, unraveling them through a multitude of perspectives and disciplines. From keynote speeches by leading experts to engaging panel discussions and interactive workshops, we are set to explore the intricacies of these pressing issues. This is more than a conference. It's a movement. A call to action for those who seek to reshape the narrative, to bring forth a future where inclusivity isn't an ideal but a reality. We're bridging gaps, challenging norms, and building a foundation for meaningful change. Your voice is crucial in this discourse. Your research, your experiences, your insights - they are the pieces we need to complete this complex puzzle. Share your latest work, engage in enriching discussions, and collaborate with fellow visionaries. Key Themes and Questions: Six Diverse Panels: Dialogo Conference features six distinct panels, each focusing on a specific aspect of "Discrimination, Bias, and Repudiation." This varied approach ensures a comprehensive exploration of the theme from multiple perspectives. I. Psychological Dimensions of Bias and Acceptance II. Societal Structures and Discrimination: Breaking the Chains III. Ethical Policy-Making in the Face of Backlash IV. Cultural Dynamics: Literature, Taboos, and Stigmatized Identities V. Economic and Health Impacts of Social Conflicts VI. Technology, Identity, and Xenophobia Distinguished Guest Speakers [confirmed so far...] * Mark Juergensmeyer - Distinguished Professor Emeritus of the University of Santa Barba, CA * Stephen David Edwards - Professor Emeritus of the University of Zululand * Stephan A. Schwartz - Distinguished Associated Scholar California Institute Extended Engagement: Engage in nine days of stimulating online discussions, culminating in a special Virtual Video Meeting on May 24th, from 6-10 PM UTC. This format provides ample opportunity for in-depth dialogue and networking. Rigorous Review Process: Benefit from our double peer-review system, ensuring the highest quality of scholarly discourse and feedback. Recognition and Impact: Contributions to Dialogo are recognized internationally, with many papers indexed in prominent academic databases. This offers an excellent opportunity for your work to gain visibility and influence. Event dates: Earlybird Deadline for full-paper submission is from January 15 to February 29, 2024 Regular Deadline submission by April 30, 2024 Author notification of acceptance by May 10, 2024 Webex video meeting with guest Speakers: May 21, 2024 - 6-10 pm UTC Submission instructions: Join us during May 20-28, 2024 online at Together, let's break barriers and build bridges. We can't wait to hear from you and see all your current work!

The 19th bi-annual International Virtual Conference on "Discrimination, Bias, and Repudiation" will be held in Constanta,Romania on date 2024-05-28

Deadline for abstracts/proposals : 25th April 2024

Organized By :The Research Center on the Dialogue between Science & Theology (RCDST), within Ovidius University of Constanta, Romania

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