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Strategizing Difficult Conversations: How to Communicate Without Damaging Work Relationships

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OVERVIEW Every workplace experiences conflict, confrontation, and controversy. No one enjoys tackling the touchy topics; but, an attitude of avoidance leads to misunderstanding and decreased productivity. Your employees will always have differences of opinion; however, if these differences are not handled in a positive manner, your people will experience anxiety, bruised egos, and possibly even exploding tempers. WHY SHOULD YOU ATTEND This session will help you: • Improve your conflict-resolution skills • Managing difficult conversations in the workplace • Discuss what matters most with co-workers and employees in a non-confrontational manner • Understand how to make other people feel heard and understood so you can work together to come up with solutions • Use conflict as an opportunity to create a positive outcome AREAS COVERED • Understand what difficult conversations are o Learn about conflict: all difficult conversations have some “conflict” at its root o How conflict arises between co-workers, supervisors and subordinate. o Conflict resolution in the workplace: disagreement in meetings, communication obstacles and breach of confidence or loyalty • Learn the benefits gained by initiating difficult conversations o With improved collaboration your team becomes more efficient o Improves worker productivity throughout the organization • Understand why you avoid having difficult conversations o How the fear of rejection stops you from having the conversation o How being liked can stop you from having the conversation • Get a road map to follow for managing difficult conversations o 6 questions that will prepare you for all difficult conversations o How does the other person perceive the situation and what assumptions are you making • Learn a 4-step process that will lead to better workplace conversations and successful outcome of difficult conversations o Step 1 : Listening – begin the conversation by listening o Step 2 : Mirroring – simply reflecting back the other person’s point of view o Step 3 : Questioning – asking open-ended questions o Step 4 : Empathy – actually understanding what the other person is feeling LEARNING OBJECTIVES As leaders, it’s vital that you know how to handle difficult conversations while minimizing conflict and tension. Join this session, where expert speaker Joel Garfinkle will discuss effective communication in the workplace and how to avoid damaging the working relationships that are so important to your success. WHO WILL BENEFIT • CEO, CFO, COO, CTO • Senior Vice Presidents • Vice Presidents • Regional Managers • Managers and Supervisors • Newly Promoted Managers • High Potential Employees • Executive directors • Managing directors • HR managers • Team Leaders Use Promo Code MKT10N and get flat 10% discount on all purchases For more detail please click on this below link: Email: Toll Free: +1-888-300-8494 Tel: +1-720-996-1616 Fax: +1-888-909-1882

Strategizing Difficult Conversations: How to Communicate Without Damaging Work Relationships will be held in Aurora,United States on date 2019-06-04

Deadline for abstracts/proposals : 4th June 2019

Organized By :Training Doyens

Keynote Speakers : Joel Garfinkle has 20 years speaking experience as both keynote speaker and corporate trainer. His clients include Oracle, Ritz-Carlton Hotels, Toyota, NBA, Warner Bros, and Nestlé. He’s written 7 books and more than 300 articles on leadership, workplace issues and career advancement.

Venue :Training Doyens, East Walker Drive, Aurora, CO, USA

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Strategizing Difficult Conversations: How to Communicate Without Damaging Work Relationships

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