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Time of Monsters

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Place : Poland, Wojewodztwo Slaskie

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Contact Person:Anita Jarczok


The third decade of the twenty-first century is indeed a time of monsters, in which threats that we have been apparently aware of for decades, but able to neutralise in our discourses, are beginning to blow up in our faces. The economic, environmental, military costs of the West’s standard of living, which have been relegated to other parts of the world, are now coming back to haunt the global metropole. For a long time the disparity between the parts of the world that contribute most seriously to the climate catastrophe and those that are most immediately affected by its symptoms has been as striking as it is depressingly predictable. Now we begin to realise that it is likely to become somewhat reversed in the near future. We are experiencing a return of the repressed, an eruption of the Real on a global scale: everything we refused to face, everything we swept under rugs, is now becoming impossible to deny and threatens the coherence of the symbolic frameworks, giving us a sense of mastery over our reality. The monsters are already here; we can no longer pretend they will go away if we close our eyes. The question that we urgently need to ask ourselves is how to tame them, live with them, learn from them. The future has become radically different, unpredictable, and overwhelmingly threatening, and we are in dire need of reimagining our ways of interacting with the world. Topics might include but are not limited to the following: - Genesis of monsters - Monstrosity and reproduction - Forms of monstrosity in literature and culture - Manifestations of monsters across the centuries - Monster with(in) us - Monsters as others/ as the abject/ as metaphors for social anxieties - The concepts of ‘monsters’ or ‘monstrosity’ in contemporary research - The concepts of unwar, unpeace - Narratives/counter-narratives - Liminal spaces - Postnormal times - Polycrisis - Anthropocene, capitalocene We welcome proposals from across theoretical and disciplinary fields that engage the conference topic. Please send an abstract of about 300 words and a short biographical note to the conference organisers at: [email protected] The deadline for the submission of abstracts is 15 October 2022. The selection of papers is on an ongoing basis, so you should hear from us within a week from your submission. The conference fee is 450 PLN (100 euro) for on-site participation (lunch and coffee breaks included) and 350 PLN (70 euro) for online participation. Please state whether you are interested in participating online or on-site.

Time of Monsters will be held in Wojewodztwo Slaskie,Poland on date 2022-11-17

Deadline for abstracts/proposals : 15th October 2022

Organized By :University of Bielsko-Biala

Keynote Speakers : dr Caterina Nirta, Royal Holloway, University of London. dr Jaroslav Švelch, Assistant professor, Charles University in Prague.

Venue :ul. Willowa 2; Bielsko-Biala; Poland

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