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Combatting Supply Chain Attacks

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Place : United Kingdom, Greater London

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Contact Person:Bronte Millard


Supply chain attacks are no longer confined to nation state actors. Organised cybercriminals are realising that they can maximise their ROI through a single attack that has the power to gain access to the sensitive data of thousands of organisations across multiple sectors. And with 40% year on year rise in supply chain attacks globally, the implications for cost-conscious power grid operators focused on driving efficiency through their supplier ecosystems is significant. In this 60-min webinar we uncover the latest trends in supply chain attacks and determine how these are likely to evolve in the next 2-3 years. We assess the current cybersecurity priorities of leading power grid operators and where supply chain cybersecurity must be positioned. And we identify the regulatory, technological, policy, process and people issues that must be addressed to effectively enforce end-to-end supply chain security, so that the power grid supplier ecosystem moves from being one of the weakest links, to the strongest links, in the power grid cybersecurity strategy.

Combatting Supply Chain Attacks will be held in Greater London,United Kingdom on date 2021-09-29

Deadline for abstracts/proposals : 27th September 2021

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Combatting Supply Chain Attacks

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