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2020 International Conference in London: Engineering and Technology (IRSET)

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Place : United Kingdom, London

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Conference Theme: The Crossroads of Engineering, Economics and Environmental Issues These years, one of the most important things is the impact of the environmental protection pressure upon economical perspectives. In the recent past years the society had to face the quick growth of the economical interdependency among nations, but also the environmental interdependency among them is being accelerated. Economy and environmental issues interfere more and more with each other - on a local, regional, national and global level - forming a network of cause and effect. Nowadays, we are facing numerous environmental problems, such as the green house effect, the hole in the ozone layer, the extinction of species, environmental pollution and the intensification of natural disasters. Some consideration on water resource scarcity and agriculture and environmental impacts are made from economic perspectives. It was indicated that economic premises and principles play a major role in the shaping of environmental policy. Strong arguments exist for devoting greater efforts to increase our understanding of the environmental, engineering, and economic dimensions of sustainable development, which will require greater integration of economics, engineering more generally, and the environmental sciences. 2020 International Research Symposium on Engineering and Technology (IRSET) will serve as a meeting point of engineers, researchers and scientists for disseminating knowledge, exchanging ideas and sharing experiences on the latest breakthroughs in research and innovation. Join us on the 21st– 24th of July, 2020 in London, United Kingdom. Topics are listed but not restricted to the following below: - Biological Engineering - Civil Engineering - Computer & Information Sciences - Chemical Engineering - Electrical & Electronic Engineering - Fundamental & Applied Sciences - Mechanical Engineering - Material Science & Engineering 

2020 International Conference in London: Engineering and Technology (IRSET) will be held in London,United Kingdom on date 2020-07-24

Deadline for abstracts/proposals : 30th April 2020

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Venue :London, 英國

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