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3rd Annual Digital Onboarding & ID Verification Forum

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Place : United Kingdom, London

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Contact Person:Michal Olsanski


The finance industry is undergoing a dramatic transformation. More and more countries are allowing the use of innovative technologies in client onboarding such as video conferencing, facial recognition and biometrics. New legislation and directives within the EU also seek to standardize the use of digital identity, encourage partnerships with FinTech innovators and enable seamless collaboration between banks and across borders. Many major players in the finance industry have sought to capitalize on these developments, and move their paper-based, cumbersome onboarding and KYC processes into a more seamless and modern digital journey. This conference focuses on how to create a first-class, streamlined, and seamless digital onboarding journey, while still ensuring that new online onboarding processes are compliant with all relevant regulations, do not expose the customer or bank to operational risk, and are immune to cyberattacks that would cripple banking systems or jeopardize confidential data. Essentially, this conference will serve as a business networking platform which will highlight the journey towards digital onboarding from various banks, talk about existing challenges and opportunities for the business.

3rd Annual Digital Onboarding & ID Verification Forum will be held in London,United Kingdom on date 2019-11-29

Deadline for abstracts/proposals : 21st November 2019

Organized By :TBM Group

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3rd Annual Digital Onboarding & ID Verification Forum

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