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Legal Forum for Asset Recovery and New Energy

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Place : Germany, Berlin, Stadt

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Contact Person:Michal Olsanski


The energy world is on the verge of global restructuring, influenced by climate change and the following shift to renewables. As an outcome of this transition, constantly driven by changing market and new climate policies and regulations, vast quantities of fossil fuels will need to remain underground, coal and nuclear plants are being pushed aside. Companies find it challenging to adapt to new laws and regulations that arose within these changes, and the issue of the stranded assets is faced more and more often. Legal Forum for Asset Recovery and New Energy is focused on the legal departments of the energy industry and their practices during the current transition.The forum will be addessing the legal aspects, taking into account companies‘ experiences when it comes to the recovery of their stranded assets and adopting to the changing legal and regulatory landscape of the energy market. Among the key challenges discussed will be: How to adopt to the ongoing restructuring and changing landscape in the energy market How to retrieve the maximum value from the stranded assets Overcoming current challenges, allocating risks and mitigating them Learning how legal departments are making more informed decisions when exploring new business opportunities How to minimize the risks, help to stay competitive and recover the stranded investments from the legal perspective

Legal Forum for Asset Recovery and New Energy will be held in Berlin, Stadt,Germany on date 2019-09-20

Deadline for abstracts/proposals : 12th September 2019

Organized By :TBM Group

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Legal Forum for Asset Recovery and New Energy

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