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Conducting a Workplace Harassment Investigation: Techniques to Determine Facts and Minimize Liability (2-Hour Boot Camp)

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Place : United States, Aurora

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OVERVIEW The EEOC requires that employers receiving a complaint, or otherwise learning of alleged harassment in the workplace, “investigatepromptly and thoroughly…take immediate and appropriate corrective action by doing whatever is necessary to end the harassment, make the victim whole by restoring lost employment benefits or opportunities, and prevent the misconduct from recurring”. That’s a tall order to ensure a just and fair handling of a harassment complaint — an essential order that all organizations are required to follow. The investigation process is, perhaps, the most critical element in dealing with internal harassment. In cases that have gone to court it is often due to inadequate or absent investigations of complaints. WHY SHOULD YOU ATTEND Even if you have been doing investigations for years — if you have never been trained, how do you know if you are conducting them correctly to prevent liability, determine the accuracy of the complaint, corroborate evidence, determine credibility, and form an opinion? This program will cover the intricacies of EEOC harassment law, and will help you learn how to conduct a workplace investigation. AREAS COVERED • Discussion about if and when a harassment or bullying investigation is required • Comparison of a formal and informal investigation process • Planning for the investigation • Sample interview questions provided for the target, the accused and witnesses • Review of what constitutes a witness • Legal issues surrounding an investigation such as confidentiality, defamation of character, and false imprisonment • The importance of documentation of each interviewee • Examples of appropriate and inappropriate documentation and why it is critical • Specific details regarding how to corroborate evidence • List of criteria to determine credibility of those interviewed • He said/she said • The role of the investigator in forming an opinion following the investigation • How to follow-up with the target, accused, and the organization • The critical importance of an investigative report • The elements of an investigative report to minimize liability LEARNING OBJECTIVES The attendees will learn • To determine if a harassment or bullying investigation is necessary • To discuss the steps of an investigation and what is employee harassment act • To explore the intricacies of interviewing the accuser, accused and witnesses • To differentiate between a formal and informal investigative procedures • To determine credibility and reach a conclusion following an investigation • To write a formal report outlining the investigation WHO WILL BENEFIT • Human Resources Specialists • Attorneys • HR Consultants • Those tasked with investigations such as Generalists, Mangers, and Directors Use Promo Code MKT10N and get flat 10% discount on all purchases For more detail please click on this below link: Email: [email protected] Toll Free: +1-888-300-8494 Tel: +1-720-996-1616 Fax: +1-888-909-1882

Conducting a Workplace Harassment Investigation: Techniques to Determine Facts and Minimize Liability (2-Hour Boot Camp) will be held in Aurora,United States on date 2019-07-25

Deadline for abstracts/proposals : 25th July 2019

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Keynote Speakers : Dr. Susan Strauss RN Ed.D. is a national and international speaker, trainer and consultant. Her specialty areas include education and workplace harassment, discrimination and bullying; organization development, and management/leadership development. Her clients are from healthcare, education, business, law, and government organizations from both the public and private sector. Susan conducts bullying and harassment investigations, works as an expert witness for education and workplace harassment

Venue :Training Doyens, East Walker Drive, Aurora, CO, USA

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Conducting a Workplace Harassment Investigation: Techniques to Determine Facts and Minimize Liability (2-Hour Boot Camp)

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