July 2020

11th International Conference on Public Administration, Social Science & Humanities (ICPASH 2020),Bangkok, Thailand

12th SCOPUS, Indexed || International Conference on Management, Education, Social Science & Humanities(ICMESH-2020),Bangkok, Thailand

12th International Conference on Business, Economic, Marketing & Management (ICBEMM 2020),Bangkok, Thailand

13th Performance Reviews  A Step-By-Step Process For Conducting Them Meaningfully and Effectively,Aurora, United States

13th 5 Components of Emotional Intelligence Improve Leadership,Littleton, United States

13th 5 Elements of Effective Communication,Littleton, United States

14th International Conference on Social Sciences and Management (ICSSM 2020),Bangkok, Thailand

14th APCMB THA 2020 | Bangkok,Bangkok, Thailand

14th Strategies and Steps to Manage Difficult People  How to Take Control of the Situation,Aurora, United States

14th Making Workplaces Safe and Productive in 2020  Techniques to Prevent Harassment, Abuse and Discrimination - 2-Hour Boot Camp,Aurora, United States

14th Fundamentals of a New Manager  Essential Skills to Excel in Your New Role,Aurora, United States

14th Ultimate Business Intelligence and Automation with Excel   5-Hour Virtual Seminar,Aurora, United States

14th Pro Skills for Managing Difficult People and Common Mistakes to Avoid,Aurora, United States

14th Turn Data into Actionable Insights Using Excel's Business Intelligence and Automation Tools,Aurora, United States

14th Pack of 10 - Complete Project Management Certification Bundle,East Camden, United States

15th 21st European Academic Research Conference on Global Business, Economics, Finance & Management Sciences,Paris, France

15th Preventing Harassment, Discrimination, Abuse and Bullying  Management's Responsibility in 2020 and Beyond - 2-Hour Boot Camp,Aurora, United States

15th Creating a Resilient Organization – Getting Ready for Post COVID-19,Aurora, United States

15th An Employer’s Guide to Navigating the Families First Coronavirus Response Act,Aurora, United States

16th How to Manage Employees Who Are Based at Home and Not Coming to the Workplace,Aurora, United States

16th Virtual Leadership  Practical Tips to Build, Engage and Manage Remote Teams,Aurora, United States

16th Stay Interviews  A Powerful Employee Engagement and Retention Tool,Aurora, United States

16th Make Your Business Recession Proof - Strategies to Thrive In and Emerge Stronger From the COVID-19 Crisis,Aurora, United States

16th Business Survival Strategies for 2020  How to Thrive During Economic Recession,Aurora, United States

21st 5th Global Conference on Art, Education and Humanities SICASE 2020,Loddon, United Kingdom

21st Manage Multiple Priorities While Working Remotely  How to Plan and Manage Your Time Effectively,Aurora, United States

21st Redefining Leadership in Times of the COVID-19 Crisis  How to Boost the Mental Health and Productivity of Your Employees,Aurora, United States

21st Your Organization’s Culture  If You Don’t Get It Right, Nothing Else Matters,Littleton, United States

21st Coronavirus; Putting the Country Back to Work,Littleton, United States

22nd International Conference on emerging technologies in Engineering, Sciences and Entrepreneurship,Hyderabad, India

22nd Lessons from COVID-19 – Raising and Sustaining Employee Engagement Before, During, and After a Crisis,Aurora, United States

22nd Protecting Food Delivery Drivers and Consumers During COVID-19,Aurora, United States

22nd Reward and Recognition for Small Companies  How to keep Your Employees Motivated,Aurora, United States

23rd The Challenges Controllers Face in Changing Times  Understanding Their Evolving Roles and Strategic Partnership,Aurora, United States

23rd 3-Hour Excel Automation Boot Camp  Top Ten Excel Functions, Lookup Functions (VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP, MATCH, INDEX), Basics of Excel Macros with an Introduction to VBA,Aurora, United States

23rd How to Survive an Emotionally Toxic Workplace and Build Emotional Resiliency,Aurora, United States

23rd Preventing Harassment, Discrimination, Abuse and Bullying  Management's Responsibility in 2020 and Beyond - 2-Hour Boot Camp,Aurora, United States

23rd Anticipating & Addressing Employees’ Return-to-Work Concerns Post-COVID-19,Aurora, United States

25th Online International Conference on Applied Science, Management & Technology (ICASMT),Melaka, Malaysia

26th SCOPUS,Elsevier, Indexed || Indexed International Conference on Management, Education, Social Science & Humanities(ICMESH-2020),Shanghai, China

27th Introduction to Basic Excel Formulas and Functions - Get the Most Out of Your Business Data,Aurora, United States

27th Unemployment Insurance  Managing Key Issues in the Response to the Implications of the Coronavirus,Littleton, United States

28th Handling a Chaotic Work Environment  How to Prioritize Work and Make Good Decisions Under Pressure,Aurora, United States

29th Mastering the Leap to Management  Skills and Techniques for New Managers, Supervisors and Team Leaders,Aurora, United States

29th Developing Conflict Competent Leaders to Harness the Power of Organizational Conflicts,Aurora, United States

29th How To Keep HR From Being the Employee Complaint Department,Littleton, United States

29th Thriving on Change  Front Line – The 8 Essentials to Inspire Your People Every Day,Littleton, United States

30th How to Give Corrective Feedback (the C.A.R.E. Model)  Eliminating Negative Behavior by Focusing on Accountability,Aurora, United States

30th Create Effective Data Visualization in Excel (Hands-On)  Tools and Techniques to Improve Your Skillset,Aurora, United States

31st 28th Asia-Pacific Conference on Global Business, Economics, Marketing, Tourism and Management Sciences,Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia