May 2019

June 2019

3rd The Top 10 Strategies for Managing and Minimizing Interruptions in the Workplace,Aurora, United States

4th Strategizing Difficult Conversations  How to Communicate Without Damaging Work Relationships,Aurora, United States

4th Executive Presence  The Key to Getting Promoted - 2 Hour Boot Camp,Aurora, United States

5th Boost Productivity with the Right Team Building Strategies,Aurora, United States

5th Stress Management, Conflict Resolution and Team Building through Emotional Intelligence X Higher Power Humor â„¢,Adams County, United States

5th 3-Hour Excel Automation Boot Camp  Top Ten Excel Functions, Lookup Functions (VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP, MATCH, INDEX), Basics of Excel Macros with an Introduction to VBA,Aurora, United States

6th Conducting a Workplace Harassment Investigation  Techniques to Determine Facts and Minimize Liability (2-Hour Boot Camp),Aurora, United States

6th 6th Annual Global Executive Assistant Summit,Barcelona, Spain

7th Win-Win Negotiations,Fremont, United States

7th Strategic Interviewing & Selection  Getting the Right Talent on Your Team,Fremont, United States

7th Harassment in the Workplace,Fremont, United States

10th Piercings, Tattoos and More  Dress Codes For the Workplace - Legally Compliant Policies and Guidelines,Fremont, United States

10th Successfully Negotiating the Labor Agreement,Fremont, United States

11th Teamwork in Action  Turning Your Workgroup into an Outstanding Fire-Fighting Team,Aurora, United States

12th Multi-State Employment  Managing the Impossible Tasks Necessitated by Crossing State Lines,Aurora, United States

12th Developing Effective Employee Handbooks  2019 Critical Issues and Best Practices,Aurora, United States

12th Employee Stress is a Performance Killer! Practical Strategies to Keep Stress at Bay,Aurora, United States

13th Ex Masterclass & Employee Engagement Summit 2019,Mumbai, India

13th Strategic Thinking - Is More Than the Big Picture,Fremont, United States

13th The Chameleon-Leader  Using Style to Resonate with Every Team Member and Build Deep Trust, Respect, and Alignment,Aurora, United States

14th International Conference on Current Scenario of Digital Marketing, E commerce, Management & Social Sciences 2019,Mysore, India

18th Toolkit for Conducting Exit Interviews  Framing Effective Questionnaire and Analyzing the Information,Aurora, United States

18th Anti-Fraud Controls in Payroll, Employee T&E and Expense Reimbursement  Detect and Prevent Before It's Too Late,Aurora, United States

18th Encouraging Optimal Communication Between Introverts and Extroverts in Meetings,Aurora, United States

19th Microsoft Outlook Tips and Tricks  Get More Organized and Efficient,Aurora, United States

20th Calculating Overtime Correctly Under the Fair Labor Standards Act,Fremont, United States

20th Time Magicment(â„¢) - How to Manage Your Time for Amazing Results,Aurora, United States


25th Writing Investigative Reports  Evaluating Interviewee Credibility, Reaching Conclusions and Minimizing Harassment Liability,Aurora, United States

25th Dealing with Workplace MA&DD-ness (Media Addiction and Digital Distraction)  Act Before it Consumes Your Organization,Aurora, United States

26th Nurse to Nurse Bullying  A Sepsis in Healthcare,Fremont, United States

27th Executive Presence - Key to Getting Promoted,Fremont, United States

27th Improving Employee Engagement through Structured Mentoring,Aurora, United States

27th Millennials and Generation Z  Reducing Attrition and Unlocking Your Company's Productivity,Aurora, United States

July 2019