September 2019

18th Can an Employee be Fired over a Social Media Posting,Middletown, United States

18th Assertive Communication  Enhance Self-Confidence and Professionalism Without Being Aggressive,Aurora, United States

18th Conducting Motivational and Directional Performance Appraisal  A Step-By-Step Approach to Enhancing Employee Performance,Aurora, United States

19th BSA Training - Tips & Tools,Fremont, United States

19th HR Transformation Masterclass,Mumbai Suburban, India

19th Difference Between the Roles of a Mentor, Coach, and Manager in Motivating Employees to High Performance,Aurora, United States

20th Understanding and Managing Diversity in the Workplace,Fremont, United States

20th The 2nd International Conference on Insight and Solutions in Social Science, Education and Humanities,Chiang Mai, Thailand

20th How to Comply with the New EEO-1 Reporting Requirements for 2019 and 2020,Aurora, United States

20th Webinar on How to Comply with the New EEO-1 Reporting Requirements for 2019 and 2020,Aurora, United States

21st 169th International Conference on Human Resource, Entrepreneurship and Management,London, United Kingdom

23rd Creating an Irresistible Culture - Engagement versus Entitlement,Fremont, United States

23rd Preventing Harassment with a Respectful and Inclusive Workplace,Newark, United States

24th The Effective Manager Communication Skills Toolbox  Making Listening, Constructive Feedback, Conflict Resolution and Coaching Work for You, your Team and Bottom-Line Results,Fremont, United States

24th The Diversity & Inclusion Conference ,London, United Kingdom

24th Lookup Functions in Excel  Creating Error Free Workbooks,Aurora, United States

24th How to Turn Disengaged and Disruptive Employees (DDEs) into Star Performers and Eventually into Brand Ambassadors,Aurora, United States

24th How to Succeed as a New Manager  Mastering Essential Skills and Avoiding Classic Mistakes,Aurora, United States

24th Managing and Engaging Remote Employees/Virtual Teams/Telecommuting  How to Keep Teams Connected from Afar,Aurora, United States

25th 17th World Congress on Drug Formulation & Drug Delivery ,Yuen Long Kau Hui, Hong Kong S.A.R.

25th Dol's new Proposed Overtime Exemption Rules and How Employers can Prepare,Fremont, United States

25th Creating an Engaged Workforce,Fremont, United States

25th Marijuana in the Workplace,Fremont, United States

25th What Employers Need to Know About Severance Arrangements - EEOC, ACA and ERISA,Fremont, United States

25th Driving and Maintaining Peak Performance in the Organization Through Right Strategies,Aurora, United States

25th How to Create Harassment Prevention Training That Actually Prevents Harassment,Newark, United States

26th Moving From an Operational Manager to a Strategic Leader,Newark, United States

26th Engaging and Retaining Top Talents with Stay Interviews  Strategize Employee Engagement Before It’s Too Late,Aurora, United States

26th Linking Pay to Performance  Increasing Employee Engagement & Organizational Performance,Fremont, United States

26th Differing Site Conditions - Whose Risk Is It?,Fremont, United States

26th The Totally Organized Professional Is All About ‘Outcomes’ - How to Fast Track Careers by a Focus on Results, with and Through the People You Work With,Aurora, United States

26th Employment-at-Will! Does It Protect Employers from Wrongful Termination Allegations?,Aurora, United States

26th How to Create a Workplace Free from the Drama That Drains Creativity, Energy and Productivity,Aurora, United States

26th Immigration Alert Prepare for I-9 Audits by Using a New I-9 Correction and Storage Process That is Accepted by Department of Homeland Security (DHS)!,Newark, United States

26th Payroll Compliance Update  New Laws and Required Changes in 2019,Newark, United States

27th The First 90 Days for New Supervisors,Fremont, United States

28th 179th International Conference on Human Resource, Entrepreneurship and Management,Melbourne, Australia

30th Employee Travel Time  Compensation Compliance Pitfalls,Fremont, United States

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