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4th Understanding Payroll Rules & Administration Including the DOL’s New Overtime Rules, Effective January 2020,Aurora, United States

4th Payroll regulations and processing  2020 updates to perfect your system,Aurora, United States

5th International Conference on Digital Economy, Human Resource Management, Legal Studies & Social Sciences Thailand 2020,Bangkok, Thailand

5th Excel Top 10 Functions and How to Use Them - Turn Your Business Data Into Insightful Information,Aurora, United States

5th Turn your business data into meaning information using 10 powerful Excel functions,Aurora, United States

8th Microsoft Office Boot Camp - Tips and Tricks of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook (3 Hours),Aurora, United States

9th Writing Techniques for Audit Professionals  How to Get Your Recommendations Implemented,Aurora, United States

10th Redefining Leadership in Times of the COVID-19 Crisis  How to Boost the Mental Health and Productivity of Your Employees,Aurora, United States

11th Using the TIN Matching System to Avoid 1099 Penalties and B-Notices - 2020 Updates on Regulations,Aurora, United States

16th HR Auditing  Major HR Issues for 2020 -- Are You Ready to Handle Them?,Aurora, United States

17th Outlook Tips and Techniques  Survive the Avalanche of Emails in 2020,Aurora, United States

17th Excel Update on Logic Functions – IF, AND, OR, and More,Aurora, United States

18th Best Practices in Virtual Onboarding  Unlock Your New Hire’s Potential Sooner,Aurora, United States

23rd International Conference on Innovation in Global Business, Marketing, Social Sciences & Economics.,Okinawa, Japan

24th The Financial Services Customer Experience Conference,London, United Kingdom

24th 3-Hour Excel Automation Boot Camp  Top Ten Excel Functions, Lookup Functions (VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP, MATCH, INDEX), Basics of Excel Macros with an Introduction to VBA,Aurora, United States

30th Microsoft Excel  Building Infographics, Dynamic Data Analytics and Visualization,Aurora, United States

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