April 2020

May 2020

2nd International Conference on Innovative Research in “Electrical, Electronics and Communication Technology” (ECT – 2020),South Delhi, India

6th 2020 ICEAI Construct a Low Carbon Society,Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan

6th 2020 5th International Conference on Sustainable and Renewable Energy Engineering (ICSREE 2020),Paris, France

11th 10th Edition of International Conference on Environmental Science & Technology,Wien, Austria

12th Corrosion Under Insulation ,London, United Kingdom

12th Smart Grid Innovation 2020,Bruxelles-Capitale, Belgium

16th International Academic Excellence Awards 2020 & National Conference on Communications & Funding in Physics, Chemistry and Engineering Sciences.,Vijayawada, India

21st International Conferences On Advanced Energy Materials,Hyderabad, India

21st International Conference and Exhibition on Advanced Energy Materials,Attica, Greece

23rd 2020 4th International Conference on Sustainable Energy Engineering (ICSEE 2020),Beijing Shi, China

23rd 2020 2nd International Conference on Energy Management and Applications Technologies (ICEMAT 2020),Beijing Shi, China

25th Inspection of Subsea Pipelines and Offshore Tubular Structures,Amsterdam, Netherlands The

26th Achieving Reliability from Data,Amsterdam, Netherlands The

26th Grid Asset Management 2020,Brussels, Belgium

26th Produced Water Treatment and Management,Amsterdam, Netherlands The

26th Masterclass Technical Safety Management,Amsterdam, Netherlands The

29th The 2nd IEEE Asia Energy and Electrical Engineering Symposium (AEEES 2020),Chengdu, China

29th 2020 3rd International Conference on Power and Smart Grid (ICPSG 2020) ,Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

29th Third Asia Conference on Energy and Electrical Engineering (ACEEE 2020),Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

June 2020

July 2020