Conferences in United States

July 2018

19th Do you have an affective HIPAA compliance program for Business Associates,Fremont, United States

19th Labor and Employment Law Issues Related to Social Networking,Fremont, United States

19th Pregnancy Discrimination in the workplace,Aurora, United States

19th Positively Impacting Employee Behaviour through Performance Management, Coaching &Counselling,Aurora, United States

19th Changing Anxiety to Contentment in 90 seconds,Aurora, United States

19th Ace the ACE(Paperwork required to export goods) – Training Doyens,Aurora, United States

20th 5th Annual Summit on American Dental Science and Education,Atlanta, United States

20th 5th Annual Summit on American Dental Science and Education,Atlanta, United States

20th Time and Task Management Effectiveness  Working Smarter Every Day,Aurora, United States

24th Fundamentals of S.W.O.T. for First Time Managers,Aurora, United States

24th Establishing the Mentor-Mentee Relationship for your Organization,Aurora, United States

24th The Do’s and Don’ts of Records Retention and Destruction,Aurora, United States

24th Multi-State Tax Issues for Payroll,Aurora, United States

25th Laboratory Investigations for Out of Specification Results,Palo Alto, United States

25th Investigating a complaint in the workplace,Aurora, United States

25th Using Behavior Based Interviewing To Select The Right Candidate,Aurora, United States

25th Transform Your Life  Stay Positive, Reduce Stress, Improve Health,Aurora, United States

25th Outlook Tips and Techniques  Survive an Avalanche of Email,Aurora, United States

25th On boarding is NOT Orientation- How to Improve the New Employee Experience,Aurora, United States

26th How to Understand the HIPAA Security & Privacy Rules,Fremont, United States

26th Working With Thoroughly Disagreeable, Even Dysfunctional Co-workers,Aurora, United States

26th Organization and Projects with Microsoft Outlook and OneNote,Aurora, United States

26th 5 Components of an Emotionally Intelligent Leader,Aurora, United States

26th Dealing With Difficult Customers  Key Tips and Techniques,Aurora, United States

26th Financial Modeling with Excel's Advanced Sensitivity Tools,Aurora, United States

26th Microsoft Excel  Creating an effective and balanced KPI Dashboard for HR Professionals,Aurora, United States

27th The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator  Understanding the Instrument,Fremont, United States

30th Webinar On HIPAA - Social Media, Marketing & Websites,Fremont, United States

31st How to prepare for a HIPAA Audit,Fremont, United States

31st Calculating Overtime Correctly Under the Fair Labor Standards Act ,Fremont, United States

31st Fundamentals of Form W-2 Processing and Preparation,Aurora, United States

31st How To Construct Salary Ranges, Administer Increase Budgets and Build Merit Increase Matrixes,Aurora, United States

August 2018

1st Project Management for Non-Project Managers 2018,Fremont, United States

1st Structuring and Auditing Physician Employment Agreements to Comply with the Stark Law and Anti-Kickback Statute,Fremont, United States

1st Discretionary Effort Leadership  How to Increase Charisma and Influence to Build Dynamic Teams,Aurora, United States

1st Using Form 1099-MISC Correctly,Aurora, United States

1st Performance Reviews  A Step-By-Step Process For Conducting Reviews Effectively and Meaningfully,Aurora, United States

1st What Every Employer Needs to Know About Severance Arrangements,Aurora, United States

1st Succession Planning  It’s Not Just for Emergencies; It’s a Leadership Development Strategy,Aurora, United States

1st Strategies for Onboarding New Hires  How to Get Them Quickly Up To Speed, Increase Productivity/Engagement and Enhance Experience,Aurora, United States

1st The ABC’s of Handling Garnishments and Abandoned Wages  What Payroll Professionals Need to Know in 2018,Aurora, United States

1st Critical Thinking, Problem Solving and Effective Decision Making,Aurora, United States

2nd Webinar On Serious Legal and HIPAA Consequences of Improper EMR-EHR Usage,Fremont, United States

2nd Form 990  Beyond the Basics,Palo Alto, United States

2nd Being an Effective Communicator at Work  Dealing with Difficult People While Not Becoming One Yourself,Aurora, United States

2nd Service that Achieves Results  Best Practices to Capitalize on Every Call,Aurora, United States

2nd Employee Recruitment, Retention and Engagement Strategies for Employees Working Routine, Unglamorous, Even Boring Jobs,Aurora, United States

3rd The 3rd International Conference on Advanced Functional Materials (ICAFM 2018),San Francisco, United States

6th Historical Perspective of the Part 11 Regulation,Fremont, United States

6th Outlook Best Practices  Get Organized with Microsoft Outlook and Boost Your Workflow,Aurora, United States